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Ometers™ - Hilarious But Useful Measurement

Ometers™ is the hottest new widget to hit the market. Based on the windows based WasteOmeter™ created to measure the wasted money spent having useless meetings, it has now expanded to the iPhone for portable usage, and to a variety of new Ometers™.


What can it do?

For example, say you're out on the town in the clubs, and you see a really hot chick - you can take a picture of her, dial up her ranking up on the HotChickOmeter™, and send it to your friend to tell him where the action is in town!

Or maybe your in listening to some major BS from someone and you can't take it - dial up the ranking on the BullS#!tOmeter™, and send it over to your friend!


Exclusive Ometers App for PC

WasteOmeter - Only $4.99 (For Windows XP/Vista Only)

Time Is Money...
Stop Wasting Time

Available only at the Will Gear Web Store

The WasteOmeter was conceived after attending countless
business meetings in a large company, with numerous high paid executives, for hours and sometimes days, where it seemed nothing ever got accomplished.

The WasteOmeter allows business teams to monitor the cost of a meeting simply by entering the number of attendees, and the average burden rate for each attendee. Once the meter starts running, it keeps track of the elapsed time, and the overall cost for having the meeting.

The goal of the WastOmeter is to keep the team focused on
making the most of the time together to ensure that every
meeting produces results.

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