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The 10 Truths of Mergers & Acquisitions
A Survival Guide

In this valuable business guide, Dr. C. M. Cower tells you all you
need to know to understand—and survive—mergers and

In today’s business environment, market maturity and
globalization have increased the level of competition, making it
more difficult to capture and increase market share. This has led
to the age of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), where the easiest
way to grow your business and deliver shareholder value is to
acquire and merge companies and their revenue streams.

The net result is that most people will either have to experience
and survive M&As firsthand, or at least know someone that has
gone through a merger or acquisition in their professional
career. Though management will paint M&As as a “win-win” for
all those involved, the reality is that the only people who win are
the executive management teams. The remaining employees are
trapped in the middle trying to make M&As work for their own

The 10 Truths of Mergers and Acquisitions: A Survival Guide
lays out the reality of what happens when companies are
acquired or merged. Starting with The Truth of Mergers: “There
are no mergers, only acquisitions,” each truth is conveyed with
humor and irony, backed by real-life examples, and offers
guidelines for success to help you survive the situation. Dr. C.
M. Cower shares his own personal M&A mistakes and lessons
learned, preparing you to delicately tread through the minefield
of acquisitions and mergers.

Dr. C. M. Cower has survived both a merger and an acquisition
and has spent decades researching the political and social
behavior in some of the world’s leading companies. He lives with
his wife and two children, and has retired from the corporate
cultural grind to spend more time with his family.

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“This is a very insightful and colorful take on the impact that acquisitions (and mergers) have on the business world today and what every employee needs to know to survive one. From the opening chapter I was delighted and intrigued by the fantastic first-hand knowledge the author communicates on the subject. If you have an interest in the "underworld" of mergers and acquisitions this is a must read. If you are at risk of being personally effected by one, this may save your job”
– Stanton Boyd

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